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Anewmum Post-Partum Wash Bottle ☘️

Irish brand, Anewmum's wash bottle has been designed for the gentle washing of the perineum area after giving birth.Their discrete wash bottle comes with a travel bag, a cap and a collapsible, angled spout that helps cleanse those hard-to-reach areas.


  • Comes in a unique design that is simple and discrete and can also be interpreted as a water bottle in your hand bag, making it easier for you to bring around on your first trips out of the house.
  • Soft & flexible bottle with extended spout to reach the perineum area with ease.
  • Supports the dilution of urine and eases the sting by flushing the area with fresh water using the collapsible angled spout.
  • Ergonomically designed for gentle washing.


1. Remove the top cap of the bottle.
2. Extend nozzle firmly to full length. (Make sure you hear the click so you know it is extended correctly).
3. Unscrew the cap with extended nozzle.
4. Fill the bottle with lukewarm water. Screw the cap with extended nozzle on securely.
5. While on the toilet, hold the bottle upside down and place between legs aiming at the desired location of the perineum / hemorrhoid area.
6. Squeeze the bottle gently or apply pressure to bottle to adjust the flow rate.
7. Empty contents and collapse the nozzle for storage, placing top cap back on the bottle.


  • DO NOT stick the nozzle into the body to rinse.
  • Exercise caution with temperature of water.
  • Ensure to wash and clean bottle and nozzle regularly.