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Folding Handheld Rechargeable Fan ☘️

The perfect addition to your hospital bag, keeping you nice and cool at the press of a button, we are delighted to introduce our surprisingly powerful yet quiet handheld rechargeable fans. The handle cleverly folds into a stand, enabling you to either hold it in your hand or set it on a desk, table or bedside locker, whichever suits your need best. The charging cable plugs into a standard USB port, making it very convenient and cost effective by not having to regularly replace batteries. 

Once fully charged (which only takes 2 hours), these fans will operate for approximately 8 hours on low speed to 2 hours on high speed.

We have 2 styles available

1) The Pastel Range - available in 4 colours - green, pink, black & white. Each includes charging cable & is 19cm in diameter. 

2) The Rose Gold Range - available in 2 colours - dark green & white - with rose gold trims and a digital display. These come with a detachable strap and a stand which can also hold a mobile phone. We have a small number of fans where the boxes are slightly worse for wear after their journey but the fans are perfect and these are slightly discounted.