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Everyday Positivity Journal

Are you or someone you know living with a cancer diagnosis? If you're trying to find the positive amidst challenging circumstances, this positivity journal is for you!

This positivity journal is based on the 'seriously simple gratitude' method that the author discovered when she faced her own shock medical diagnosis. It's a book for people who might find it hard to think of anything to be grateful for, with prompts to help you find something to be grateful for every day.

This book features:

  • Daily prompts - to help you reflect on the positives in your life
  • Undated pages - so there's no guilt trips if you miss a few days!
  • Compact design - fits in most small bags (A5 in size). 

If you know someone who's dealing with a cancer diagnosis, recovering from surgery or a stroke or undergoing chemotherapy, this everyday positivity journal makes a thoughtful and comforting gift to help them get through - it's your way of saying, "I'm proud of you!"

Make daily positivity an enjoyable habit, not a chore and start each day with positive thoughts!