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Classic Chemo Comfort Bag

Following our founder, Siobhán's, own diagnosis with breast cancer in 2019, our Chemo Comfort Bags were introduced especially for those undergoing treatment and have been designed, in conjunction with a number of cancer survivors, including Siobhán, specifically for those who have had a recent cancer diagnosis and are about to embark on a course of chemotherapy.

Their main purpose is to provide key items to make a chemotherapy patient’s sessions more comfortable, as well as giving family and friends a practical gift option for their loved one, at a time when it is difficult to know what to gift, or how to help.

There are a 4 bag colours to choose from and all of our Chemo Comfort Bag prices are inclusive of Ulluv’s beautiful gift box and a personalised gift card, if required (if availing of this option, please put your message of choice in the notes section of the shopping cart).


The Classic version contains:

- Ulluv tote bag in choice of 4 designs (perfect for fitting the necessary items for each chemo session)

- Ulluv champagne gold double walled stainless steel 500ml bottle, which keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours (perfect for bringing hot tea or coffee to each session)

- Co-ordinating soft fleece blanket (patients can get cold during chemotherapy and the hospital blankets tend to be a harder type of material) - the colour of the blanket may differ to that in the photo but it will always complement the bag colour.

- Ulluv A4 folder for the patient to keep all their hospital documentation (e.g. discharge papers, prescriptions, appointment letters, health insurance/HSE correspondence etc) - please note that our current version of this folder is in grey and pink (not gold as shown in the photo). 

- Ulluv's positive affirmation "Messages of Hope" cards (set of 10).

- Mini hand sanitiser

We know that life would be a lot simpler if none of us was faced with a cancer diagnosis of someone we love, however unfortunately it is a reality for many. Our Chemo Comfort Bags are intended to make chemo that little bit more bearable for yourself or someone you love.