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Always Discrete Pants

While not specifically designed for post-partum purposes, many of our customers & followers have asked us for these pants, as they are a favourite with many women after having a baby. With Always Discreet Pants, leaks don’t get in the way of you feeling your best. Discover incredible leak protection that looks like your favourite underwear, thanks to its fabric-like material. A hidden super absorbent core turns liquid into gel and locks away wetness instantly, so you feel fresh and secure no matter what. With a curve-hugging, feminine design, these pants are made of silky-soft fabric that looks, fits and feels like your usual underwear. 

Key features:

- Always Discreet Boutique Pants offer incredible protection with a fabric-like feel
- The absorbent core turns even heavy leaks to gel
- OdourLock technology neutralises odours instantly and continuously, lightly scented
- Double LeakGuards help to keep wetness away from the sides, for secure protection
- The curve-hugging design fits close to your body so is barely noticeable under clothes

Pack Size: 

Always Discreet Regular Large (white wrapping) - there are 10 pants in each pack
Always Discreet Boutique Medium (black wrapping) - there are 9 pants in each medium pack
Always Discreet Boutique Large (black wrapping) - there are 8 pants in each large pack

Size guide:

Medium is recommended for UK dress sizes 10-16 inclusive
Large is recommended for UK dress sizes 16-22 inclusive

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