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Deluxe Hospital Pack

The "Deluxe Hospital pack" is a great purchase for any mum-to-be who is looking to take the hassle out of packing their hospital bag. It contains 31 items in total, all aimed to make mum-to-be's hospital stay run as smoothly as possible. As well as the 29 hospital bag essentials contained in the "Classic" pack, this offering contains a couple of really lovely additional items.

The items included are:
- BV Maternity pads (2 packs)
- Lansinoh breast pads
- Pampers size 1 nappies
- Water wipes
- Nuxe/REN travel size shampoo (choose below)
- Nuxe/REN travel size conditioner (choose below)
- Nuxe/REN travel size shower wash (choose below)
- Nuxe/REN travel size body cream (choose below)
- Dove travel size deodorant
- Batiste travel size dry shampoo
- Travel size cleansing wipes
- Vaseline lip balm
- Colgate travel size toothbrush & toothpaste
- Ramer style sponge for mom
- Baby sponge for baby
- Small hair brush
- Packet of hair bobbins 
- Packet of brown hair grips
- Black hair band 
- Shower cap
- Pocket tissues
- Pair of Zohula flip flops for shower
- "Baby's First Outfit" pouch for labour bag
- "Important Docs" folder for all the information/leaflets given
- "Here I Am" birth announcement card
- Ulluv notebook and pen 

- Luxury extra large (60cm x 50cm) laundry bag

- Award winning "When You Were Born" children's book by Irish author Benji Bennett. 
Benji's own ethos fits very much with Ulluv's by supporting childrens' charities from his sales (which Ulluv does too). We thinking including this book in a hospital bag package is a great way for a new mum to bond with their newborn in hospital and create a very special moment by reading this book!    

 PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally the brands may vary due to availability but will always be of an equal quality and as near the stated version as possible.