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Conscious Hospital Contents Pack

The "Conscious Maternity Hospital Pack"

We are incredibly proud to now offer our customers an environmentally-friendly (or “conscious”!) hospital contents pack option, containing sustainable/ biodegradable/ plastic-free alternatives to the typical key hospital bag items.

Comprising of 24 items in total, included are:

  • Natracare Maternity Pads (2 packs of 10 pads each) - plastic-free & biodegradable
  • Lansinoh Washable Breast Pads (2 x pairs) - plastic-free
  • Kit & Kin Size 1 Nappies (pack of 40) - sustainable  
  • Irish Brand Water Wipes - biodegradable
  • Irish brand Janni Bars' 10ml All Natural Seaweed Shampoo Bar - plastic-free & biodegradable
  • Irish brand Janni Bars' 10ml All Natural Oat Silk Conditioner Barplastic-free & biodegradable  
  • Irish brand Janni Bars' 10ml All Natural Avocado Bodywash Bar - plastic-free & biodegradable   
  • Irish brand Janni Bars' 10ml All Natural Lavender Body Lotion Bar - plastic-free & biodegradable   
  • Irish brand Janni Bars' Soap Saver Bag - 100% cotton
  • Irish brand Warrior Botanicals 30ml Organic Cream Deodorant plastic-free packaging
  • Irish brand Moxi Loves Dry Shampoo Sheets plastic-free & biodegradable  
  • Irish brand Janni Hemp & Honey Lip Balm -plastic-free, paper packaging
  • Ulluv bamboo toothbrush plastic-free & biodegradable
  • Non Plastic Beach 60 Toothpaste Tablets plastic-free, paper packaging
  • Non Plastic Beach Toothpaste Tablets Tin Container plastic-free
  • Ulluv Washcloth for Mom 100% cotton
  • Ulluv Washcloth for Baby 100% cotton
  • Ulluv Mini Wooden Hair Brush plastic-free
  • Ulluv Natural Hair Tie -plastic-free
  • Ulluv Metal Hair Clips plastic-free
  • The Cheeky Panda Packet of Handy Wipes biodegradable 
  • The Cheeky Panda Packet of Pocket Tissues biodegradable
  • Ulluv Birth Announcement Card - made from 100% recycled paper

(Please note: occasionally the brands may vary due to availability but will always be of an equal quality and as near the stated version as possible).

Click here for our at-a-glance contents comparison sheet