Classic Hospital Pack

The "Classic Hospital Pack" is a great purchase for any mum-to-be, who is looking to take the hassle out of packing their hospital bag. It contains 29 items in total - the same items as the "Essentials" pack plus some additional items to make mum-to-be's stay run that little bit smoother! 

The items which will be included are:
- BV Maternity pads (2 packs)
- Lansinoh breast pads
- Pampers size 1 nappies
- Water wipes
- Nuxe/REN travel size shampoo
- Nuxe/REN travel size conditioner
- Nuxe/REN travel size shower wash
- Nuxe/REN travel size body cream
- Dove travel size deodorant
- Batiste travel size dry shampoo
- Travel size cleansing wipes
- Vaseline lip balm
- Colgate travel size toothbrush & toothpaste
- Ramer style sponge for mom
- Baby sponge for baby
- Small hair brush
- Packet of hair bobbins 
- Packet of brown hair grips
- Black hair band 
- Shower cap
- Pocket tissues
- Pair of Zohula flip flops for shower
- "Baby's First Outfit" pouch for labour bag
- "Important Docs" folder for all the information/leaflets given
- "Here I Am" birth announcement card
- Ulluv notebook and pen

 (Please note: occasionally the brands may vary due to availability but will always be of an equal quality and as near the stated version as possible).