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Weekly Instalment Plan

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Paying by instalments is a great option for those who want to spread the payments over a number of weeks, making it more affordable and attractive! It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and once set up is complete, you do not need to worry about it again - the payment is automatically taken each week! You will have it paid off before you know it...

How does it work?

Add your item(s) to the cart in the normal manner. However, instead of hitting the "checkout" button, you hit the "" button and it brings you through the process, which takes no longer than 2 minutes to set up. 

The detail

1) You make a down payment of 10% of the overall cost of the order plus €5 flat charge to cover the administration costs of the plan.

2) You select how regularly you want to make your payments (e.g. every week, every two weeks etc).

3) You select over what time period you wish to make the payments (you can choose up to 16 weeks).

4) You provide your card details.

5) The payments will be automatically taken on each scheduled date.

6) When the payment plan is fully paid, the order will be shipped to you in the normal manner. 

This payment plan method is managed by software company,, and no payment details are passed to Ulluv.