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Hospital Bag Packing Pods (choice of colours) ☘️

Winner of Bronze for the "Best Innovative Product" Award at the 2023 Pregnancy & Baby Fair product awards, Ulluv's 11 piece set of hospital bag packing pods will change the way you pack your hospital bag, forever! Hospital bag packing pods offer several benefits and features that make them highly useful for expectant parents. Here are three main advantages:

1) Organization and Convenience:

  • Packing pods allow you to organize items into different categories, making it easy to locate what you need quickly. For example, you can have separate pods for baby clothes, toiletries, and postpartum supplies.
  • This organization can significantly reduce stress during labor and delivery, as you won't have to rummage through a single large bag to find specific items.

2) Space Efficiency:

·     Packing pods help maximize the space in your hospital bag. By compressing items and keeping them neatly packed, you can fit more essentials into the same amount of space.

·     This efficiency is particularly beneficial when hospital rooms have limited storage space, ensuring you have everything you need without clutter.

3) Cleanliness and Hygiene:

  • Using separate pods helps keep different types of items clean and sanitary. For example, keeping baby clothes separate from toiletries and snacks ensures that each category remains uncontaminated.
  • Additionally, it’s easier to manage soiled or used items by keeping a dedicated pod for laundry, which can be separated from clean items.

These features contribute to a more organized, efficient, and stress-free experience during the hospital stay.

This set of hospital bag/ travel organisers are made of durable nylon fabric and premium mesh material. We have a suggested use for each bag, to ensure the most efficient and logical packing of your hospital bag. Each set comes with a detailed checklist as to what goes in what bag - it couldn't be easier. While these pods were specifically designed to fit perfectly into our new Signature wheelies cases, they work equally well with both our Signature and Classic sets. 

Colours available:
- Sand (with grey logo)
- Dark grey (with ochre/mustard logo)

Please click here to read full description and dimensions of each bag.