Maternity Pads


Maternity pads as one of the key hospital bag essentials, and crucial for those first few days after birth, in particular. Following lots of feedback from our customers, Ulluv is delighted to now offer the choice of two types of pads, as follows:


BV Maternity Pads (the “green” pads!) are designed for use in the days following the birth of a baby. These absorbent, thick pads offer maximum comfort and have a very soft and non-adherent white contact layer.

There are 10 Maternity Pads per packet.


While these pads are not technically classified as “maternity” pads, they have been the go-to for many women post partum for years. Many people use the “green” pads in the immediately couple of days after giving birth and then switch to the Kotex pads as the flow decreases. These pads provide extra cushioning for added softness and have a quilted cover for extra softness, offering uncompromised protection. 

There are 10 Maternity Pads per packet.


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