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General Pre-Packed Toiletry Bag (for women)

Our general pre-packed toiletry bag comprises of the following items:

- Toiletry bag (choice of designs)

- Irish brand VOYA 50ml spearmint & rosemary shampoo
- Irish brand VOYA 50ml palmarosa & lime conditioner 
- Irish brand VOYA 50ml lime & mandarin body wash
- Irish brand VOYA 50ml lime & mandarin body lotion

- Washcloth

- Shower cap

- Nivea travel sized deodorant

- Bamboo toothbrush & travel sized toothpaste

- Travel sized wooden hair brush

- Batiste travel sized dry shampoo

- Pocket sized packet of tissues

- Beeswax lip balm

- Packet of handy wipes

NOTE: Occasionally items may go out of stock and we may have to replace with substitute items but will always find something of equal quality. 

Please note that if you are purchasing from the Signature range, the grey cosmetic bag is intended to complement the dusky pink Signature bags and the pink cosmetic bag complements the dark grey Signature bags (i.e. the grey cosmetic is not an exact match for the dark grey bags, nor is the pink cosmetic a match for the dusky pink bags).