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Pre-Packed Maternity Bags Explained

Our pre-packed maternity bags packages consist of a set of matching bags PLUS a set of hospital bag contents, leaving you with only your and baby's clothing items to pack!

Firstly, let's go through the bags. There are a number of bag designs that form part of our packs:

1) The TOTE bag is the perfect shape and size for your labour bag, as you do not want to be bringing too much into the labour ward/delivery room with you. It is big enough to hold more than what you require for labour but neat enough to carry yourself and not get in the way of anyone during labour. Many customers end up using the TOTE afterwards as a changing bag/ general "mom" bag/ work bag!

2) The LARGE HOLDALL is intended as your main hospital bag. As well as the two short handles, it has a long adjustable strap. This is undoubtedly a bag for life, which will see you through umpteen trips away for many years. 

3) The MEDIUM HOLDALL was introduced due to customer demand, and offers additional capacity, or an option to split your hospital bag contents between two bags with many customers packing their own items in the LARGE HOLDALL and baby's in the MEDIUM (or vice versa). Exactly the same style as the LARGE HOLDALL, just slightly smaller, many customers use this bag afterwards as a baby changing bag (where they have twins or another very young child), a bag for bringing to the childminder, a gym bag or overnight bag. 

4) The COSMETIC bag is fairly self explanatory and is spaciously neat. 

There are 3 options in the bag sets to choose from:

- 3 Bags (large holdall, tote and cosmetic)

- 3 Bags (large holdall, medium holdall and cosmetic)

- 4 Bags (large holdall, medium holdall, tote and cosmetic)

Click here for full descriptions of the bags.


Secondly, let's look at the hospital contents pack. There are 5 to choose from:

1) Essentials Hospital Pack

2) Conscious Hospital Pack (eco-friendly)

3) Deluxe Hospital Pack

4) Conscious Plus Hospital Pack (eco-friendly)

5) Super Deluxe Hospital Pack

Click here to see what is contained in each of the contents packs

 Check out our videos on packing your hospital bag here

To order, simply choose your preferred bag set, then your preferred hospital contents pack and leave the rest to us. We will pack it all up in our now-renowned sumptuous packaging and deliver straight to your door within the current delivery timeline! Now go off and have that stress-free cuppa, knowing you've a job less to worry about ;-)