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Carriwell Deluxe Maternity & Hospital Panties (2 pack)

This hospital underwear has been made with seamless technology so it has the stretch and memory to be comfortable during both pregnancy and post birth. The super soft yarn is gentle against the skin while still retaining the ability to hold a hospital pad in place. This light underwear can be used in the final months of your pregnancy without putting any pressure on your belly

  1. Flexible: For pregnancy, hospital, and post birth use
  2. Be ready: Perfect for your hospital bag
  3. Essential: Perfect for when comfort is your priority
  4. Secure: Designed to hold post birth pads securely in place.

Box Contains:

  • 2 x Maternity & Hospital Panties in black

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that these panties do NOT contain any absorbent pad as part of their design so if you are wearing post-partum, you will need to wear pads with them.