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My Cooling Towel ☘️

I am delighted to advise that the My Cooling Towel can be added to one of the existing packages or purchased on its own! 
In terms of how it works, and its benefit during pregnancy, here is what co-founder, Sylvia, says:
"To use the towel you wet it, wring out the excess water and then you wave it. When you wave it it activates the cooling. The towel will stay wet for a couple of hours. With regards to it's use in the labour ward when the Mum to be is in the hospital/labour ward she can bring the wet towel in with her and use it on her forehead, around her neck or even on her head like a banana or hair band. When the towel heats up from her body temperature just take it off and wave it and it will go ice cold again, it will continue to cool as long as it has moisture in it. The towel will also absorb perspiration. The towel is machine washable. The towel can also be used after by the Mum if she is out walking or working out or if she is away on holiday’s. It is not a medical item however it can also be used alongside medication to help reduce children's fevers by placing it on the forehead."