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June 30, 2017 2 min read

As the idea of was almost 4 years in the making (I won't even TELL you some of the working titles for the business during that time...when I think back...cringe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), I have always read anything to do with hospital bags with huge interest.

Anyway, one of those that particularly interested me was Pippa O'Connor's post last year about what she had in her hospital bag (it's a great article...well worth reading for those of you who haven't done so yet. You can read it here: One of the tips she gave was to pack a number of outfits (1 vest, 1 babygro and 1 nappy...she may have mentioned a hat too??) in separate clear food bags and label them (e.g. outfit 1, outfit 2 etc etc) so that you don't have to go rummaging for the various bits every time baba needs a change. Clever, eh?!

I adapted this a little and thought it would be handy (and cute!) to have one of these for your labour bag as it is almost always someone else who is digging into your labour bag for the baby's clothes immediately after birth (and let's face it, you will be otherwise occupied at that precise time...actually, somewhere in the recesses of my brain I remember my husband interrupting me after our first child was born, a bit hassled looking - my husband, not the baby 😜 - asking what exactly he was meant to be looking for in my bag...hadn't a notion πŸ˜‚!!).

After a good bit of looking around, I sourced nice, great quality, frosted ziploc bags, which are labelled "Baby's First Outfit" and, so far, they are proving hugely popular. In fact, one customer told me that she is going to frame her baby's first babygro, vest and hat and have the "Baby's First Outfit" pouch in the background of the frame which I thought was a really cool idea!!

So, that's the background to it! Simple really, and all stemmed from reading an article over a year ago and something resonating in the back of the brain 😊!!

It is included as part of both the "FABULOUS MUM" and "GLAMOROUS MUM" packages as standard, but can be added onto the other packages for just €5, or even bought on its own (just don't forget there is postage of €4.95 added on when bought on its own πŸ˜‰).

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