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May 21, 2019 1 min read

I have been very poor the last few weeks at keeping the blog up to date...just a LOT going on!! Anyway, the first baby fair of the year, last month, was amazing! I met so many amazing exhibitors and so many amazing mums-to-be or new mums and had great chats. Alot of people came up to me, having previously purchased, just to tell me how happy they were and it was their best purchase! Melted my heart! Next one is start October and already CANNOT WAIT!!!!

I also tried something different with the stand, primarily to make it easier for attendees to get right in at the bags and feel them and try them on for size etc and I think it worked very well (don't look too closely at the pic...the white bags were covering marks from stickeez I'd used previous time!). 

Siobhán x

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