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Platinum Maternity Hospital Pack

Our "Platinum Maternity Hospital Pack" is our top of the range maternity hospital bag contents package and contains 40 items in total, all aimed to make mum-to-be's hospital stay run as smoothly and as comfortably as possible. Click here to see our comparison grid if you want to easily compare our 4 main contents packs.

The items included are (those with ☘️ are Irish branded products!):


  • Irish brand Medicare Maternity pads (2 packs with 10 in each pack) ☘️
  • Lansinoh 24-pack of breast pads
  • Irish brand VOYA 50ml Lime & Mandarin shampoo ☘️
  • Irish brand VOYA 50ml Lime & Mandarin conditioner ☘️ 
  • Irish brand VOYA 50ml Lime & Mandarin body wash ☘️
  • Irish brand VOYA 50ml Lime & Mandarin body lotion ☘️
  • Travel size deodorant
  • Batiste travel size dry shampoo
  • Cheeky Panda biodegradable travel size cleansing wipes
  • Lip balm 
  • Ulluv bamboo toothbrush ☘️
  • Travel size toothpaste ☘️
  • Ulluv wash cloth for mom ☘️
  • Ulluv mini wooden hair brush ☘️
  • Ulluv plastic free hair bobbin ☘️
  • Ulluv plastic free metal hair grips ☘️ 
  • Shower cap
  • Cheeky Panda biodegradable pocket tissues
  • Ulluv flip flops in grey and pink (for shower) ☘️
  • Ulluv "Important Docs" folder for all the information/leaflets given ☘️
  • Ulluv baby log notepad ☘️
  • Ulluv recycled pen ☘️
  • Lansinoh 10ml lanolin nipple cream
  • Packet of sugar-free butterscotch sweets
  • Ulluv laundry bag (40cm x 50cm) ☘️  
  • Irish award winning "When You Were Born" by Irish author Benji Bennett ☘️
  • Ulluv mini LED touch light ☘️
  • Ulluv Midwife Thank You Card ☘️ 


  • Pampers size 1 nappies
  • Irish brand Water Wipes biodegradable baby wipes ☘️
  • Super thick muslin burp cloths x 3 (in white)
  • Sudocrem 30g tube ☘️
  • Ulluv "She's Here/ He's Here" double-sided wooden disc ☘️
  • Ulluv "Yippee I'm Going Home Today" wooden disc ☘️
  • Ulluv "Baby's First Outfit" organic cotton pouch ☘️
  • Ulluv "Baby's Going Home Outfit" organic cotton pouch ☘️
  • Ulluv 100% cotton knitted baby blanket (size 100cm x 80cm) ☘️
  • Ulluv wash cloth for baby ☘️
  • Ulluv bamboo/cotton super soft and extra absorbent hooded baby towel in white with grey ears (size 75cm x 75cm) ☘️

(Please note: occasionally the brands may vary due to availability but will always be of an equal quality and as near the stated version as possible). 


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