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“Hello Daddy” Gift Box

Label for box & gift card

A fabulous way to announce your pregnancy to your significant other or to give to a family member or friend who is going to be a dad!!! It is a really big deal and such an exciting time but sometimes the dad can be overlooked a little and it can be hard to know what to give! 

The “Hello Daddy” gift box tries to address that by containing the following items, which have been chosen specifically to help Dads-to-be get caught up in the excitement of this wonderful event and mark the occasion:

- Pregnancy for Men book by Mark Woods. Taking the whole thing a month at a time and using the experiences of scores of first time Dads, this is a FRANK, FACTUAL and FUNNY journey charting what men need to know, need to do and need to avoid like the absolute plague when their partners are carrying a baby!

- Pitter Patter velour zebra comforter in cream and navy

- Short sleeved baby vest with the caption “Hello Daddy. I can’t wait to meet you”

Packed in a white cardboard box with hamper filler and “prettied up” on the outside with the distinctive Ulluv grey and gold ribbon and a choice of “Love” or “And so the adventure begins” label. 

A gift card is also included (can be left blank if the gift box is not going directly to the dad-to-be or can be filled in if it is) and again, there is a choice of  “Love” or “And so the adventure begins” for the gift card.