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Sustainable Cotton Tote

In a gorgeous sustainable, organic and fairtrade 10oz strong cotton, this tote is the perfect size and shape for a multitude of purposes.

With “grá” meaning “love” in the Irish language, we feel that there has never been a better time to feel and spread love wherever we go!! Which is what you will do carrying about this new gorgeous Ulluv cotton tote 🤍  

Measuring a generous 43cm (h) x 39cm (w) x 14cm (d), it   is a great choice as your labour/delivery bag, and beautifully complements our entire range of bags, due to its neutral beige and gold design.

As you are not allowed bring in more than a small bag to most hospitals for the birth itself (you are instructed to keep the other bags in the car until after baby is born), this bag has ample space to contain everything you need for the birth.

And whether you decide to purchase it for this purpose or not, this gorgeous tote can be used for a variety of other reasons and you will end up using it for far more reasons than you imagine ;-)