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Cancer Journal by Happy Magazine

The Happy Magazine Cancer Journal is a 120-page A5 treatment organiser with a floral design, filled with positive inspiration for getting through a cancer journey.

The journal is a mix of pages for tracking your treatment and documenting your feelings as well as inspiring content to read.

The journal is divided into five sections or ‘steps’ – the steps of a typical cancer journey: Diagnosis, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiotherapy and Moving On.

  • Track your progress from diagnosis to treatment plan in Step One, with lined pages to write questions for your team, your appointment details, your treatment plan and records of your initial scans and investigations.
  • In Step Two, you’ll find top tips for how to look and feel better during chemotherapy. There are also pages to track each of your chemo infusions, blood counts and side effects, record your medications and more.
  • Prepare for cancer surgery and track your recovery afterwards in Step Three, the dedicated surgery pages.
  • In Step Four, you’ll learn how to develop a home yoga practice to support you. There are also pages to log your radiotherapy appointments, goals for after treatment and back to work plan.
  • Step Five is all about moving on with life after treatment – Happy Magazine gives their top tips for dealing with the fear of recurrence. There are also pages to log your ongoing outpatient appointments and cut-out pages to stay on track with self-care and healthy eating.


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