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Ulluv's "Bag + Contents" package is perfect for the mom-to-be who is seriously time-deficient or who just wants a stress-free and convenient solution to sorting their hospital bag!

This option consists of just one bag, Ulluv's large holdall bag, PLUS a set of hospital bag contents. There are 6 bag designs to choose from and there is a choice of 3 different hospital packs

This large holdall is the perfect size and style as your main hospital bag. It opens in the old-fashioned doctor's bag manner, which means that it is really easy to access the contents of it, which is particularly handy for your hospital visit. And while this bag is the perfect hospital bag, it really comes into a life of its own long after the hospital stay is over and will be the perfect overnight or weekend bag for yourself or your family!

Just choose your preferred design, then your preferred hospital bag contents pack and you're good to go! We will pack it all up for you and deliver it straight to your door within 3 working days of ordering!

Now go off and have that stress-free cuppa, knowing you've a job less to worry about ;-)